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Garden Design 

With a passion for plants and 10 years of creative industry expertise, designer William Murray uses thoughtful design to transform any outdoor space into a dream garden.

We specialise in design for city gardens and small spaces, combining intelligent design, horticultural knowledge and creative flair to maximise space and create unique gardens.


The garden design process

1 - Consultation

Before starting the design process, we take the time to get to know you and understand your requirements for your new garden with a design consultation. Initially, this could be a phone call or video meeting which we would follow up with a site visit.


We’ll chat about who will use the garden, whether it is a space for the whole family, a play paradise or even a dog-friendly jungle. We want to know all about your favourite plants, colours and hobbies so that we can dream up the perfect space.


Following our initial meeting, should you wish to work with us, we can provide you with a personalised quote for our design services.


2 - Survey

We will conduct or commission a garden survey, producing scale drawings in order to produce an accurate design. Where appropriate we now use an innovative 3D scanning system to conduct the survey with speed and accuracy.


A soil test can be conducted to establish the type and texture of your soil as it is important to know what plants will thrive in the garden and if any work is needed to improve the soil.

Surveyors Equipment

3 - Concept Plan

It is our goal to produce a design that truly works for you, creating a space that is unique space that is both unique and practical. It’s the job of a garden designer to understand what you want from your outdoor space but also present ideas that you hadn't even considered. We will put together a concept presentation which includes mood boards, layout plans, planting suggestions and visualisations of the space. 


4 - Master Plan

Once you are happy with design concept we can produce detailed plans Including specifications for materials, lighting and a planting outline. Depending on the complexity of the project elevational drawings, scale plans and construction details can be produced for contracotrs to work from.


5 - Appointing a Contractor

When we have a design that you love, it is time to appoint a contractor which we can help you find. Alternatively, you can appoint your own contractors to construct the garden. We can also help manage the project with scheduled site visits to ensure the design is implemented to our shared vision.


6 - Planting

Once the construction is complete, it is time to add life to the space. we can come back to the space to produce a detailed planting plan, specifying the location of all planting. We can also assist with sourcing and planting. We can also produce a maintenance schedule to help keep the planting at it’s best! 


Get in touch to talk about your new garden today. 

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